Brett Clock


    When I turned 30 I started liking Pearl Jam. I recently turned 35, and for that birthday I was handed an interest in productivity apps.* It isn’t lost on me that I will spend time listening to podcasts or browsing subreddits related to productivity instead of actually working. I’m not even sure why it has become of such… Read more →

The Songwriting Process

I’ve been writing and recording music for awhile but I have always had trouble creating a standard process. As a challenge to develop more efficient songwriting and recording, I gave myself one hour to write and record at least the bare bones of a song. Some people in the past have asked me about my process, so I took notes during… Read more →

Icelandic Zen Garden

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My girlfriend started making terrariums recently and I had the idea to try to piece together a little Icelandic(ish) landscape of my own. I used black sand and charcoal from a local tree nursery, and fake moss from a craft store. I’d like to try it with real moss and maybe some black soil eventually.